Surveillance & Security has become an integral part of our daily lives. Be it Shopping Malls, Metros or any such commercial or residential establishment, we encounter CCTV cameras watching over people 24x7

Our CCTV Solutions are designed to secure premises as simple as an Of?ce to as complex as an entire city. We offer systems that are scalable, User – friendly and smart. The technology we incorporate can turn 24x7 monitoring of your premise into just a matter of click. Furthermore, our organization registered with the various regulatory government Agencies such as SIRA (Dubai), MCC (Abu Dhabi &Alain) & GRA (in Ras Al Khiama) etc. has helped us reach out to the entire UAE.


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Our dreams are bigger, ambitions higher, commitment deeper and our efforts greater In pursuit of Excellence : To strive relentlessly, constantly improve our teams, our resources, our products and services to become the best. The VEXUS name has a unique value representing versatility, excellence and leadership.

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701-702, building-13, Bay Square, Business Bay P.O. Box: 44254 Dubai, UAE

Voice: +971 4 2428349
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