Cantilever/Mobile racking

Cantilever/Mobile racking


Cantilever racking systems are superior storage solutions which are effectively utilizing in storing long and bulky goods. Cantilever racks are faster to load and unload due to absence of front columns, thus saving a lot of horizontal space. Materials are easily accessible regardless of their shape and size, therefore suitable for long and irregular shapes like pipes, wooden sheets etc.


  • Faster to load and unload
  • More selective and adaptable



Mobile Pallet Racking offers ef?cient storage spaces mounted on a Mobile Base which are equipped with Electronic motors or operated manually. The Racks can be conveniently placed or relocated on the required aisle with the help of the Guided Mobile Base. These storage systems are ef?cient in space utilization as there is only one adjustable aisle for many rows of Racks there by accommodating more storage units on the same ?oor area. Such storage systems are especially effective in Cold Storage.


  • Optimum Floor Space Utilization
  • Direct access to the pallet storage spaces prevents unnecessary and time-intensive relocation of goods
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